July 2, 2016


We value this association

“I am P K Krishnan, from Bowenpally, Secunderabad. This small message is to complement you for the quality of Dosa and idly mix. I was using various brands of Dosa and idly mix fir my breakfast .like vegan captain, kapitan, etc., whatever was available in the shelves of super markets. One day in Ghan shyam super market your cover color attracted my attention .then I found Chennai chef, I presumed it surely one from a Chennai guy, so surely it should be good. I purchased 2 sachets of Dosa mix ant asked my wife about the new product. She made Dosa, which was equal to the one made out of the home ground flour.it was tasty and beautiful.

After enjoying the taste of Chennai chef Dosa, i took one sachet of your idly mix hesitatingly. But today to my surprise my wife gave a good certificate for the idly also. She was telling me out of her past experience with other brands of idly mix that idly may not come smooth and soft. But your mix has beaten her.

Kudos to you and start the production in a big way so as to reach everywhere in twin city.

Best of luck to you!”



It’s a better batter

“We have been your happy customers for a long time. We feel that you will have larger share of market if you supply ‘chutney’ in sachet along with the pack of batter. This will help small family with no time to make chutney at home.

We are sure a forward looking organization like yours will definitely give serious thought to this suggestion.

With best wishes.”

Sharad Trivedi